What We Do

Non-profit leaders often struggle with complex strategic questions.

There’s an exciting new funding opportunity…should we pursue it?

Our funds may get cut…which programs should we scale back?

Our board member feels passionately about a new idea for growth…should we explore it?

We run a lot of programs…is this the right combination of activities?

Our staff are working hard…how do we ensure they are working on the right things?

We work with you to develop a decision-making framework to address tough questions in an even more thoughtful and informed way.

Making strategic choices requires clarity on three fundamental aspects of your work. Through our work together, you will become clearer on:

What? What specific, measurable impact do we aim to achieve in 3-5 years?
For Whom? Who will be different as the result of our work?
How? Which proven activities should we pursue to achieve these results (accepting that everything isn’t equally worth doing!)?

Our work together will enable you to better allocate your time and resources toward the impact you seek.

We are successful when you are left clearer on when to say “yes” and when to say “no.”

We are privileged to have been trained by The Bridgespan Group to deliver the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Impact and Strategic Clarity program, a module of Innoweave. Since 2012, we have delivered this rigourous five-month program to numerous Canadian non-profits and foundations. Outside this program, we design strategic clarity initiatives of various durations and approaches, tailored to the context and needs of your organization.