Colbeck Equity Strategy

Colbeck Equity Strategy

Our equity strategy is a building block in our organization’s desire and commitment to be more anti-oppressive, anti-racist and just. This strategy provides an opportunity for us to self-reflect, not just on an individual level, but as a practice. It is a means to challenge ourselves, our biases and our perspectives to be better allies in the battle against racism and inequity. To do so, we need to understand the moment we are in and the healing that needs to take place.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the long existing disparities and inequities that harm Black and Indigenous communities in all aspects of life. It has shown us the need to not just stand in solidarity and put out statements, but for us to do the necessary work to understand and acknowledge our own contribution to inequities and to commit to improving. This is an ongoing and personal mission for us, one that requires our willingness to change and develop with the help of people in our communities. This is our commitment to do and be better. 


  • Create and cultivate a culture of “ongoing learning”
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue with other consultants and facilitators 


  • Put in place internal practices that drive toward greater equity
  • Support our clients in considering equity within their strategy process and elements of their own work


  • Be vocal about inequities and injustices that occur in society
  • Support our clients in considering equity within their strategy process and elements of their own work


  • Identify and put in place equitable hiring and workplace practices


  • Refer clients to Black and Indigenous facilitators and consultants, whenever possible 
  • Partner with individuals and community groups to better understand and serve our communities

Our Accountability

We have put mechanisms in place to keep ourselves accountable to the goals outlined above.  As a team, we are deeply committed to putting our best foot forward with this strategy and we will seek to continually refine and improve our equity-informed practices as we continue to learn more.

If you have any questions or feedback on our strategy, please feel free to email us at