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Ontario Trillium Foundation
When OTF decided to shift our strategy to achieve measurable results for communities, we relied on Colbeck to work with our senior team and board to clarify how we were going to work differently to achieve real change. They brought deep sector knowledge and solid business acumen to our planning, which resulted in the approval of one of the largest change initiatives in our history.

Andrea Cohen Barrack, Former Chief Executive Officer

The Arthritis Society
Our work with Colbeck Strategic Advisors has been invaluable. Our collaboration with them has resulted in a clear way forward. Our theory of change is a key tool that we will use to make strategic decisions about what we will and will not do. We now have a strategic framework that will not only inform the hard decisions that are required in an environment with limited resources, but will also enable us to pursue new and innovative ways of raising funds.

Janet Yale, President & CEO

The McConnell Foundation
Colbeck Strategic Advisors have provided excellent support to numerous organizations involved in the Innoweave program’s Impact and Strategic Clarity module, and were our first choice to lead the Foundation’s strategic review.

Stephen Huddart, President and CEO

Family Service Toronto
We achieved breakthroughs in strategic clarity through our work with Robin and Margot. We now have a strategic tool which will be useful for a number of years and will definitely increase our impact.

Margaret Hancock, Executive Director

Centre for Social Innovation
We can say, with great confidence, the work that Robin and Margot led us through brought us to the development of a logic model that is now guiding the strategic direction of CSI from top to bottom. Their clarity and discipline, empathy and strategic insight were invaluable to supporting our organization, allowing us to gain further clarity and focus. They were excellent. It’s as simple as that.

Tonya Surman, CEO

Canadian Women’s Foundation
Great facilitators, coaches and listeners. Colbeck Strategic Advisors add valuable insight and framing to complex group discussions, and are able to get the best thinking out of a group by asking tough and reflective questions. Working with them is engaging, intense, productive, and fun all at the same time!

Chanel Grenaway, Former Director - Economic Development Programs

North York Community House
Working with Robin and Margot on the Impact and Strategic Clarity program has been a really transformative experience. Staff say ‘I really get how my piece fits within this organization and our desired outcomes’.

Shelley Zuckerman, Executive Director

Robin and Margot worked with us to develop a theory of change for CIFAR. They are very skilled at catalysing important and challenging conversations with profound and lasting impact. With their help, we were able to articulate the promise and reality of our mission, creating a strong foundation for CIFAR’s future.

Alan Bernstein, O.C., Ph.D, FRSC, President & CEO

Evergreen CityWorks
Working with Colbeck was a transformative experience for us. As a new initiative finding its feet, Colbeck walked our team through a process to hone in on a strategic framework that will guide our work for the years ahead. I would highly recommend Colbeck Strategic Advisors for any organization looking to sharpen its focus and hone in on thir key objectives.

John Brodhead, Former Executive Director

West Neighbourhood House
You are exceptionally clear in your communications. Staff responded very well to you despite you driving a fairly fast pace and asking some borderline uncomfortable questions.

Maureen Fair, Executive Director

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic
Our coaches did a superb job. They were very patient and flexible with our group. We felt great respect from them and they were very connected with us and we felt like they really got us!!

Amanda Dale, Executive Director

Colbeck consultants are enthusiastic, real and highly motivating…they don’t just consult, they join your team and work together with you to achieve your goals.

Phyllis Novak, Artistic Director

United Way Toronto
Robin brought terrific knowledge, skills and energy to our strategy development work. She challenged our assumptions, helped us build skills, fostered insights and asked “wicked questions”. We appreciated her ability to play many roles in the process – trainer, coach, facilitator and supporter. Most of all, Robin increased our capacity to learn.

Ann Pyke, Senior Manager - Education & Resource Development, United Way Toronto

Art Bridges
I would recommend the Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity process because it allows for rigorous examination of an organization’s purpose and activities with regard to achieving the most effective outcomes and impacts. And the support and encouragement from our coaches was the best! They made the hard work involved, fun!

Seanna Connell, Project Director

Furniture Bank
Scaling a social purpose enterprise is difficult at the best of times. Doing so within a charity like Furniture Bank would have been impossible without the Impact and Strategic Clarity process provided by Robin and Margot!  Their program was at the heart of our turnaround and is now a rallying point for the staff.  This is a program we recommend to any organization that is looking to be crystal clear in their growth and expansion plans.

Dan Kershaw, Executive Director

SiG (Social Innovation Generation)
Colbeck Strategic Advisors – with their deep knowledge of social innovation – have played a critical role for our team. They provided perceptive guidance and support for a very generative strategic planning process that produced practical, outcomes-driven plans and theory of change for SiG 3.0.

Tim Draimin, Executive Director

The Counselling Foundation of Canada
Our team worked with Colbeck Strategic Advisors through the Impact & Strategic Clarity process. They kept us focused and on-track, asked us challenging questions which made us pause and reflect about how we approach our work, and helped us achieve much greater clarity on what impact we want to have in the coming years.

Bruce Lawson, President & CEO

Prosper Canada
Robin showed a real grasp of our organizational culture, goals and programs, as well as the issues we were working to address. She was friendly, energetic and engaging throughout and created an environment and process that made it comfortable for everyone to actively contribute. We would not hesitate to use her services again and would recommend her highly to other non-profit organizations.

Liz Mulholland, CEO

Inspirit Foundation
Colbeck were instrumental in helping our organization plan for impact. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and dynamic team.

Andrea Nemtin, Former President & CEO